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They say a picture is worth
a thousand words…
Well, when it comes to your
website, catalog, and other
advertising efforts, the right
photography can be worth
even more than that.
Let me partner with you to
help make sure your products
put their best foot forward.

Design is often seen as magic.
But I’ll let you in on a secret;
I’m not actually a wizard (shh!)
However, over my career I have
handled almost every kind of
printed project imaginable.
From small to large, common to
complex, print is my specialty.
Plus I know all the secret buttons
in Photoshop. That helps too.

Even in a good economy it can
be challenging to sell a house.
High-end photography can get
more buyers through the door
and help sell a home faster.
Great photos don’t just show
off a few rooms, they make
an emotional connection.
That’s even better than a plate
of fresh cookies on the counter!

Your logo is more than just a
piece of art; it is your identity.
Your brand needs to convey
the right message and emotion.
It needs to be professional and
consistent, with just the right
amount of “hey ma, look at me!”
From simple graphics to full
branding packages, I can design
a solution that works for you.

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(and I didn't even have to bribe them...)

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"Jared took on a rather large image editing project for our company. Thousands of photos
 needed to be edited and resized for our website in a very short timeframe. 
Jared definitely exceeded our expectations and completed the project before our deadline.
 He helped our company tremendously!”

- Kelli Flaherty, Online Marketing Manager, Sarnova, Inc.

"I appreciate all the different resolutions you made available and the 
options to have both the web photos as well as photos that are print ready.
 Look forward to doing more business in the future."

- Gregg Herbst, Sales and Marketing, The Mews at Pinnacle

"Don’t know if you had heard but our website got picked 
up by Uncrate over a month ago… Lots of incredibly positive 
feedback about the graphics and the photos."

- James D. Schrim III, Founder, Wolfram, Ltd.

"Thank you so much for sending the photos. They look fantastic.
 You did such a nice job of capturing the event… You are amazing 
to work with and we truly appreciate your continued support."

- Annie Nelson, Program Manager, MMORE


I am always looking for new and unique projects and I am currently accepting new clients. If you would like a project quote please feel free to send me a note using the form below. I can also be reached directly by phone, email, or carrier pigeon (although you must supply your own pigeon).

I am based in Grove City, OH, just south of downtown Columbus. Many of my clients are found in the greater central Ohio area, however thanks to the magic of things like email, Skype and Dropbox, I have also helped customers in other parts of the country.

So don’t let the distance keep us apart. I can help, regardless of where you are!